How To Login


First go  to HOME page and find Member Login at top right.

Then fill out the following boxes to Log In.

Username:  Use exact username you chose when subscribing.

Password:   Use exact password you chose when subscribing.

If you forget your password you can click “Lost your Password?” and follow directions to get a new one.

Then click:     Remember Me          This will make it easier to log in for the future.

and  then click Login

You will be taken to the menu item Levels

If you are a new subscriber click on 

LG Member Week 001:PDF of Peter Kurowski’s book, Christianity and Homosexuality.

 The book will appear on your screen and you can read it, put it on your computer in a folder or print it out.

If you move your cursor over the page, you should see a series of buttons appear by which you can make the page larger or smaller, copy it to your computer or print it out.

To return to the Levels page you simply click on the left facing arrow at the top of the page.

About a week later you will be able to access Week 2.

This means that every week you will automatically become a member of the next week.

You will still be able to access past weeks.

 And again,

If you have questions phone me Tom Baker at 1-877-267-1962 and leave name and phone number

 Thanks much for joining the Law and Gospel 101 Membership Site.