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Because you have logged in properly you may now scroll down this page and click any of the membership week’s you have purchased. You receive 1 new item every week. So if you have been a member for 24 weeks, you will be able to click on any of the items from 1 through 24. If you click on other menu items on the bar, you can always return to this page by clicking on the menu bar LEVELS.

Week 001: PDF of Peter Kurowski’s book, Christianity and Homosexuality

Week 002: Audio sermon on Amos 8:7 that God will never forget your works.

Week 003: Camtasia–Who Is This Person?

Week 004: Camtasia–What is Proper Worship? (Compared to a stage play)

Week 005–Organist: J. S. Bach’s Toccato and Fugue in D minor

Week 006–Camtasia: Walther’s L&G Distinctions, Thesis 1A

Week 007–Camtasia: Walther’s L&G Distinctions, Thesis 1B

Week 008–Camtasia: Roy Rogers, The Bible Tells Me So

Week 009–Camtasia: L&G Building Blocks

Week 010–Camtasia: LCMS Life Conference Panel 2013

Week 011–Camtasia: Luther’s 1518 Heidelberg Disputation, Theses 1 & 2

Week 012–Transcript & 27 minute audio of 1st session of a L&G Adult Instruction.

Week 013–1974 KMOX Television debate on the theology taught at the seminary.

Week 014–Camtasia: Walther’s L&G Distinctions, Thesis 2

Week 015–Camtasia: “Where’s The Line For Jesus” & Food Court Surprise

Week 016–Video of Pastor Fisk on Theology of Glory and Theology of the Cross

Week 017_Camtasia: Luther’s 1518 Heidelberg Disputation, Theses 3 & 4

Week 018_Camtasia Video by Dr. Alexander Tsiaras “From Conception to Birth”

Week 019_ Camtasia: Walther’s L&G Distinctions, Theses 3 & 4

Week 020_Camtasia on JUSTIFICATION

Week 021_Camtasia Video and an Audio by Rev. Laurence White

Week 022_Camtasia Video on “A Poem on Law and Gospel.”

Week 023_Camtasia: Luther’s 1518 Heidelberg Disputation, Theses 5 & 6

Week 024_Camtasia: Song about famous Lutherans.

Week 025_Camtasia: Walther’s L&G Distinctions, Thesis 5

Week 026_Camtasia: Mixed Up Law and Gospel

Week 027_Camtasia: Dr. David Menton on The Seeing Eye

Week 028  Camtasia Rev. Randall Golter on LCMS Missions

Week 029  Camtasia Rev. Bob Hiller Bible study on Law and Gospel

Week 030  Audio Sermon by Martin Scharlemann on Passion of Christ

Week 031  Camtasia Video of President Harrison on Health Care

Week 032  Camtasia Video of BBC on Bach and Lutheran Legacy

Week 033  Camtasia Video of Pastor Aus on Law and Gospel.

Week 034  Camtasia Video of Pastor Stellick on Law and Gospel.

Week 035  PDF and Audio tape of Pres. Matthew Harrison on L&G

Week 036 Camtasia Video of Heidelberg Disputations, #7

Week 037 Camtasia Video of Walther’s L&G Distinctions #6

Week 038 Camtasia Video of Bryan Wolfmueller on L&G

Week 039 Camtasia Video of Matthew Pancake on L&G

Week 040 Camtasia Video of a Billy Graham sermon

Week 041 Camtasia Video of “The Black Hole”

Week 042 Camtasia Video of Rast and Reformation sermon

Week 043 Camtasia of Richard’s survey of those joining Lutheranism

Week 044 Camtasia of Heidelburg Disputation # 8

Week 045  PDF of Athanasian Creed with Bible passages

Week 046  Camtasia of Wollenburg on L&G

Week 047 Camtasia of Nestingen on Bondage of the Will

Week 048 Camtasia Video of Walther’s L&G Distinctions #7

Week 049 Camtasia Video of Rev Houser Sermon on L&G

Week 050 Camtasia Video of “Lutheran Satire”

Week 051 Audio Sermon “Pluck Out Your Eye!”

Week 052 Video of a Christian witnessing to a Buddhist

Week 053 Camtasia Video of Walther’s L&G Distinctions #8

Week 054 Camtasia Video of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation 9 & 10

Week 055 Camtasia Video of “What Lutherans Believe.”

Week 056  Skit of LG Stained Shirt

Week 057  Video of Bach’s BMV 80 Cantata

Week 058  “This is the Life” 1952 TV program The Fischer Family

Week 059  Audio Sermon “All Saints Day”

Week 060  Video Audio of Maier “Salvation Complete”

Week 061  Video Pancake “Law is to Gospel as…”

Week 062  Video on Life Questions 1

Week 063  Video on Starke’s “Te Deum”

Week 064 Video of Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night”

Week 065  Video of Witnessing to Relativists

Week 066  Video of Andy Wrasman on L&G

Week 067  Video of Sarpy County on L&G

Week 068  Animated Video of Giertz “Hammer of God”

Week 069  Video of Rosenblatt/Nestingen on L&G

Week 070  Video of Beethoven’s Coal Scene

Week 071  Video of Borchardt on L&G

Week 072  Video of how to listen to a sermon.

Week 073  Video of “Law and Order” Spoof

 Week 074  Abraham Sacrifice Isaac

Week 075  Walther on Liberalism

Week 076  Daring To Be Lutheran

Week 077  Gennadij on Missions

Week 078  Harrison on Easter

Week 079  Easter Sermon by Baker

Week 080  KSIV Adult Instruction #2

Week 081  Di Cianni Paintings

Week 082  Rubik Gospel

Week 083  Dynamis on Law and Gospel

Week 084 Renaming Parables 01

Week 085 Nagel about Jesus

Week 086 Krey on Haiti

Week 087 Borghardt on CFW

Week 088 Goegleiin on Lutheran Beliefs

Week 089 Rossow on Infant Baptism

Week 090 Sullivan on What is a Lutheran

Week 091 Stumbling Blocks to Lutheranism (Baptism)

Week 092 Against Gay Marriage

Week 093 Aus on LG

Week 094 KSIV Adult Instruction #3

Week 095 Butterworth on Jews

Week 096 Renaming Parables 02

Week 097 Goeglein on Lutherans

Week 098 Lost and Found

Week 099 Hull on L&G

Week 100 Baker on John 6

Week 101 Dyer on LG

Week 102 Joseph and Jesus

Week 103 Good Advice vs LG

Week 104 Mueller on Dogmatics

Week 105 Higher Things “We Praise You”

Week 106 Hausmann “Real Presence”

Week 107 My Brand New Home (Pancake)

Week 108 Al Barry on Homosexuality

Week 109 Ministry Plan to Homosexuals

Week 110 Jordan on Law and Gospel

Week 111 Chris Hull on LG

Week 112 Rosebrough vs. Warren

Week 113 Scaer on Biblical Marriage

Week 114 Lessing on Romans 8

Week 115 Richey on Luther

Week 116 J. R. on Law and Grace

Week 117 Sermon for Ash Wednesday

Week 118 Sermon for 2nd Wed in Lent

Week 119 Sermon for 3rd Wed in Lent

Week 120 Sermon for 4th Wed in Lent

Week 121 Sermon for 5th Wed in Lent

Week 122 Sermon for 6th Wed in Lent

Week 123 Sermon for Palm Sunday

Week 124 Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Week 125 Sermon for Good Friday

Week 126 Sermon for holy Saturday

Week 127 Sermon for Easter Sunday