2014 Radio Law and Gospel

240 broadcasts of Law and Gospel from radio station KFUO in Saint Louis MO are on this set of 2 DVDs which need to be played with a computer. You are able to make CDs from any of the broadcasts to listen in your car. Along with the DVDs is a booklet summarizing each of the programs. Here is a sample of a few programs summarized in that booklet for the week of February 17, 2014:

2/17/14 Monday (1) 7th Sunday after Epiphany: Leviticus 19:2. (2) Be holy for God is. (3) Caller: Doers of the word (James 1:23-27). (4) Caller: Yellow pages and restaurants.

2/18/14 Tuesday (1) Ruminations with Mark Smith. (2) Hymn: “My Soul, Now Praise.”

2/19/14 Wednesday (1) Insight on “Do Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same god?” (2) Caller: Jesus as Messiah. (3) Temptation of Jesus. (4) Romans 1:19-20. (5) Caller: How to witness to nephew. (6) Caller: Muslims are offended.

2/20/14 Thursday (1) Ruminations with Wes Reimnitz. (2) Purpose for works of mercy. (3) Caller: How about government programs? (4) Caller: LWML using plastic bags.

2/21/14 Friday (1) Open Mike: What is proper contrition? (2) Caller: Portals of Prayer. (3) Caller: What about Archbishop of Canterbury? (4) Caller: Civil rights and human rights. (5) Caller: Efforts in Africa. (6) Caller: Vocation and occupation.

2014 Broadcasts