Radio Adult Instruction CDs

This is a series of 32 1/2 hour sessions of an Adult Instruction class done on KSIV radio in Saint Louis Missouri. It is a data DVD which is played on a computer. Simply select the session you want to hear and then click twioce. The participants were members of Saint James Lutheran Church in University City, MO and the pastor was Tom Baker. This is an Adult Instruction format with constant reference to the proper distinctions between Law and Gospel in each part of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. The 32 sessions are as follows:

  1. Rich Man (Mark 10:17-27)
  2. John 3:16; First Commandment
  3. Use of Commandments; Die
  4. Motivation: Cause of Suffering
  5. Justification: Why Some Not Others; Second Commandment
  6. Second Commandment (cont); Yahweh
  7. Third Commandment
  8. Third Commandment (cont)
  9. Fourth Commandment: Discipline, Job
  10. Fourth Commandment: Church and State
  11. Fifth Commandment: War, Capital Punishment
  12. Fifth Commandment: Abortion
  13. Fifth Commandment: Abortion (cont)
  14. Sixth Commandment: Adultery
  15. Sixth Commandment: Homosexuality
  16. Seventh Commandment: Steal, Tithe, Mite
  17. Eight Commandment: False Witness
  18. Ninth & Tenth Commandments: Conclusion to Commandments
  19. Apostles’ Creed: First Article: Father, Almighty
  20. Apostles’ Creed: First Article; Creation
  21. Apostles’ Creed: Second Article: Son, LORD
  22. Apostles’ Creed: Second Article: Virgin Birth
  23. Apostles’ Creed: Second Article: Suffer, Die
  24. Apostles’ Creed: Second Article: Descend, Rise, Ascend
  25. Apostles’ Creed: Third Article: Judgment
  26. Apostles’ Creed: Third Article: Holy Spirit, Why Some Not Others
  27. Apostles’ Creed: Third Article: Saints
  28. Apostles’ Creed: Third Article: Resurrection, Life
  29. Lord’s Prayer: Introduction, Petitions 1-2
  30. Lord’s Prayer: Petitions 3-7, Conclusion
  31. Baptism
  32. Lord’s Supper