Christianity and Homosexuality

 Christianity and Homosexuality
Not A Politically Correct Evaluation
by Rev. Dr. Peter M. Kurowski

The Table of Contents of this book uses the Bible to respond to these topics::

1. How long has mankind struggled with the issue of sexuality?
2. What is the source of doctrine for Christians and Homosexuals?
3. Did Jesus Christ Speak Out Against Homosexuality?
4. What ideology best serves a Free Republic?
5. What is the key for happiness in life?
6. Two different views of the body?
7. Believing is Seeing?
8. An Addiction?
9. Bad Math?
10. More Bad Math?
11. Did God make the Homosexuals the way they are?
12. Can the Bible be used to support Homosexuality?
13. Forbidden Exchange or Happy Exchange?
14. Why both to debate this issue?
15. What are the recent roots of this issue?
16. What are the two extremes a healthy civilization wishes to avoid?

An excerpt:

We said it earlier. Mature Christians don’t hate homosexuals. We just disagree on the sexual activities conducted by the homosexual community. Medically, homosexuality leads to a host of health problems. Our media is complicit in not reporting these matters. Psychologically, homosexuality leads to despair. It is anything but a gay lifestyle. It cannot give a shred of help and hope to crucial questions such as: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Culturally, it leads civilizations into anarchy which in turn gives way to authoritarian rule. Ironically, the double threads of anarchy and authoritarianism mark the tolerance toward pederasty and bestiality and the intolerance for Christ’s arrangement for marriage. Theologically, homosexuality conflicts with the Bible’s teaching on love and with the design of marriage given to mankind by Jesus, the Lord of the universe.
Christians must speak the truth in love on these matters . Courage to speak the truth, compassion to demonstrate love, and contrition for our own failures to love wisely, deeply, and fervently are acute needs at this hour. Jesus came into this shattered world to put back together our fragmented society. No person is so broken, no sin is so shameful, no past is so sordid, that Jesus’ holy blood cannot wash away the stain of sin. (1 John 1:7) Two thousand years ago the Christ of the Scriptures tasted eternal death for all people, all sins, all sexually deviant practices. He not only offers forgiveness free and full, but he also offers free and full the gift of his righteousness. These gifts conjoined with his love alone can set people free to love as God intends us to love–unconditionally, holy, and extravagantly. May the Holy Spirit through the gospel teach both heterosexuals and homosexuals to walk in love, lest our nation find itself in a slavery like Germany in the 1930’s or France in the 1790’s. Now is the time for all good citizens to return to the law principles and the gospel power that gave birth to our nation and to those same principles that preserve liberty and manifest love.

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