WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO Law and Gospel 101 Membership Site

The membership site has a weekly item available for you. All the items appear under the menu bar entitled LEVEL. However, you can only access those items as you receive one after another each week.

  1. For only $10.00 a month we will deliver weekly items of interest in regard to the proper distinctions between Law and Gospel. (Now up and running)
  2. You also may purchase Products including books, CDs and DVDs emphasizing Law and Gospel distinctions. (Work in Progress)
  3. Seminar availability (Please see the menu item “Contact Us” for more info.)

Below are two examples of the kind of material you will receive each week. While you will receive the entire book after you register, the first free item is the first 4 pages including the table of contents of Peter Kurowski’s book, “Christianity and Homosexuality.” Please click once on the title below. At the bottom of the screen you can use the + and – to increase or decrease the size of the page and the arrows to move forward or backward in the document.

Christianity and Homosexuality 1-4

The second example is the actual entire Camtasia video that you will receive during Week #4 if you become a member. It can be used for a Bible class to emphasize the Scriptural understanding of worship. A teacher can use his own voice by turning down the sound and pausing and continuing the video as he sees fit. Please click the arrow to begin the video.When the video begins, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen for various functions including the far right square which when clicked makes it full screen.

After viewing the video, please click on the top menu entitled “Subscribe Here” in order to become a member of Law and Gospel 101 and to immediately download your entire copy of Christianity and Homosexuality.




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